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Carolina Machado
19 September 2005 @ 05:03 pm
It's been a while I have been wanting to update my LJ, so today I figured there's no better day to do it than a boring monday so, here I am. I stole a survey from wikedawsum and I'm posting it below, it's a cool one, had fun replying. *nods*

So the weekend was great, we went to this party on saturday and I had a blast, really. Very cool DJ, we danced until 5 am, it was great. I'll post pics of it soon, for those of you who actually care. lol Of course yesterday I was feeling like a half-arsed zoombie, so me, Gê and Li just spent the whole day watching TV and movies. I finally got the 5 Lena movies that S. sent me, so we watched Polish Wedding. Such a cool movie, I really liked it. Lena is sooooo HOT, man!! She's also so cool and adorable as Jadzia! Totally worth it! Gê didn't know her so I just *had* to put TULOB on after PW to show her Lena's hmmm" qualities" lol We had fun. lol

Speaking of Lena, btw, I'm going to repost here 2 pics that ,missfoxie showed me, of Lena and J.Lo wearing pretty much an identical outfit in 2 different occasions, just so you all can see how hotter and far far faaaaaaaar more delicious Lena is. *nods* Funny thing is though, that JLo wore it after Lena did and, ironicaly, at the "An Unfinished Life" premiere, to which Lena also attented. Anyways, pics and comments under the cut and here's the survey...Have a nice weekend peeps!

Fantastic Lena X hmmm just J.Lo lolCollapse )

And here are 2 other recent pics of her that I simply can't get enough of...:


WOWAAAA! *dead*

ps: I'm so excited about LOST this week! Hee! Can't wait.

[Marital Status]Single
[Shoe size]36 (BR measure)
[Parents still together]Yes
[Siblings]2, a bro and a sis
[Pets]NO WAY
[Animal] I have a fascination with sharks and snakes
[Drinks] beer, tequila, vodka
[Soda] Diet Coke
[Book] Aymee & Jaguar
[Flower] Gérbera
[Color your hair?] Just did
[Twirl your hair?] not that I know of
[Have tattoos?] Yes, 1 - the feminine symbol in japanese
[Have Piercings?] No, hoping to get one on my ear
[Cheat on tests/homework?] Hmmm, didn't use to, maybe once or twice lol
[Drink/Smoke?] Yes and yes
[Like roller coasters?] Yes
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] Not really, I love SP, although I'm really excited about going to europe
[Want more piercings?] Don't have one yet
[Like cleaning?] Hate it
[Write in cursive or print?] cursive
[Own a web cam?] Yes
[Know how to drive?] Yes
[Own a cell phone?] Yes
[Ever get off the damn computer?] No
[Been in a fist fight?] Hmmm lol
[Considered a life of crime?] No
[Considered being a hooker?] Not that I know of, perhaps
[Lied to someone?] Yes
[Been in love?] Yes
[Made out with JUST a friend?] Yes, lots
[Been in lust?] Yes
[Used someone] Yes
[Been used?] Yes
[Been cheated on?] Yes
[Kicked someone in the nuts?] No
[Stolen anything?] Not really sure but I'd go with yes
[Held a gun] Yes
[Current clothing] PJs lol
[Current mood] from ok to blah
[Current taste] coffee
[What you currently smell like] maybe coffee too
[Current hair] down
[Current thing I ought to be doing] working
[Current cd in stereo] computer playlist
[Last book you read] Italian at a Glance lol
[Last movie you saw] Polish Wedding
[Last thing you ate] Chicken
[Last person you talked to on the phone] Liane
[Do drugs?] hmmm
[Believe there is life on other planets?] Totally
Remember your first love?] Yes
[Still love him/her?] I do, just not in love anymore
[Read the newspaper?] Yes
[Have any gay or lesbian friends?] lol hmmm *thinks* don't think so, no... lol :P (of course I do)
[Believe in miracles?] not sure, maybe
[Do well in school?] used to
[Wear hats] no
[Hate yourself?] quite the opposite
[Have an obsession?] lol so many..
[Collect anything?] no
[Have a best friend?] Yes
[Close friends?] lots
[Like your handwriting?] love it
[Care about looks] not really, care more about personalities
[First crush] don't remember, probably my history teacher lol
[First kiss] Alê, I was 12
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] Yes
[Do you believe in "the one?"] hmmm....perhaps
[Are you a tease?] you tell me
[Too shy to make the first move?] sometimes, nothing that a couple of beers wont help me with though
[Daydreamer] Yes
[Bitch/Asshole] sometimes, with certain ppl
[sarcastic] Yes
[Angel] Nahh lol
[Devil] No
[Shy] sometimes
[Talkative] not really

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Carolina Machado
04 September 2005 @ 11:27 pm
Sunday night, the weekend is over. I seriously dislike sunday nights. Thank GOD though, we have a holiday this week, on wed. Heeeeeeeeee. :)Gotta love Brasil and it's monthly based holidays. *nods*

It was another great weekend, as usual. On a totally related note btw, isn't tequila one of the best mexican contributions of the century? lol

Finalizing, here are 3 pics of me I decided to share, they were taken last night. Me and Li, me and Rê, Me:


Have a great week everyone! Bjs!
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Carolina Machado
31 August 2005 @ 02:28 pm

It's been a few days I haven't updated, but mainly because I've been doing so many things here that when I finally have time to do it, I'm so tired I end up giving up. lol I finally managed to add my first mood themes. It's a mix of The L Word, GG, LOST, Lena, Audrey, Natalie P., Kate Winslet and Dangerous Liaisons. LMAO Pretty eclectic, I know. Big thanks to crackfied for almost all of them. I also added the new header,changed the colors, added another box to the sidebar and a picture on the comments. Go ahead and tell me how you like it, suggestions and comments are very welcome! *nods*

So ok, let's see what I've been doing these days. On saturday Li and I went to the movies, we saw Sin City. God, I LOVED that movie. I wasn't giving it much credit to be honest, but WOW! It's so good! I mean, of course I knew that a R. Rodriguez+Tarantino combo could never fail but I dont know. Guess I've been getting so many crappy comic-related movies that I was a bit skeptical about SS. But NAH! Big NAH! Such an enjoyable, dark movie. Clive Owen totally ROCKS, wow! So does Rosario Dawnson, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis and even Mickey Rourke. *nods*. Oh, and Miho! Heee. Greeat! Here's a pic of Rosario D. that S. sent me, isn't she awesome? lol 


I haven't done much this week, other than working, going jogging, and talking to ppl here. I talked to S. on the phone again, can't wait to get the Lena movies she's sending me. Hee. Last weekend, btw, Liane and I went on a mission to find a video store where they would rent TULOB, and couldn't find it. What do these ppl do with their old movies! I mean, do they feed their fishes with them or something? lol I guess I'll have to buy the DVD, cos I'm dying to see it again. Speaking of Lena, btw, I had the *weirdest* dream with her last night, LOL. Nevermind it though. :P

I'm going out tonight, Wash is here and we're going to a bar for a few beers and stuff. :) Sounds like fun.

Renata is asking me when The L Word S3 premieres btw? Now that JB is pregnant and all...does anybody know? Is it jan./feb. again? I have already seen the promos on Showtime, I was hoping it could be sooner. Anyways, good wednesday everybody!! beijos!! C.

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Carolina Machado
26 August 2005 @ 08:05 pm
Ok, so today I added a few more things to my LJ, such as a "few" quotes, my favourite movies, singers, TV shows, etc. I think it's looking good. I had such a good time reading Erin's recaps of Alias' eps. 21 and 22, that I decided to quote a few here. Those are the ones I either agree a lot with or the ones that I just laughed my ass off reading. I know those are not new or anything, but I just read them today -- seeing how I tried to stay away from the whole fandom universe for over a year. So yeah.

OMG. I want to thank Brandi, aka wikedawsum SO much for the JB header she made for me. I loooove it. Thanks a lot girl, you're awesome. I'll put it up ASAP. Take a look people: http://www.mythical-boards.com/jbheader_05.gif

It's friday, YES! I'm still hangovering a little from the beers and tequilas last night, but it's fine. I have to run now, I'm going to this sort of asian restaurant that I just adore. So that's it, good weekend everyone! Take care and bye bye.
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Carolina Machado
25 August 2005 @ 06:27 pm
New entry to give credit to a few other people who I got more icons and mood themes from today. God, I'm *so* obsessed. Thank you all for the amazing work guys! Here it goes:


Another great thing about this LJ is getting to know some very cool people while browsing around communities and all. Hee! I'm enjoying it. *nods* I'm about to add my mood themes btw, they rock!

It's unreal how we have the MOST unstable weather here in SP. It was so hot yesterday. Now it must be like 10C outside. I couldn't go jogging this afternoon because of it and now we're going out (me, Li and Renata) and I'm sure I'll freeze my ass off out there. *sighs* Anyways, nothing that will stop us from having a few beers, talk and have some fun. :) Bye all.
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Carolina Machado
25 August 2005 @ 01:14 am
I just took the quizz on katefinn's LJ and decided to post it here. I got breasts. LOL I'd rather lips one thousand times, but OH WELL! lol

What part of Angelina's body are you?

So today I spent most of the day searching for icons and mood themes here, what just made me realize how obsessed with Lena/Irina I am. Unreal, really, but I like it. :) I also saw Search and Rescue again today. That's got to be Alias' best eps ever, it's just *awesome*. Irina/Syd/Nadia together, the punch, the rescue, the dance, Syd and Vaughn "on comms" lol It just couldn't be any better.

I just got back from Li's house. We watched I'll only Sleep whem I'm Dead, with Clive Owen. Man, could it go *any* slower? The plot is somehow interesting, I still don't recommend it though. Want to see Clive, go with Closer. *nods*
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Carolina Machado
24 August 2005 @ 08:21 pm
Ok, so until I have figured out if there's in fact a more effective way of giving credit to all the awesome and talented people who I got my icons and mood themes from, I decided to do it here. So here it goes. Thanks, thanks and more thanks to:


Thank you ALL so much for the amazing work. Talk about talented ppl! :)

I'm also posting the credits on my info. *nods* Please, if I have forgotten someone, just let me know.

Also, thanks Keke ( katefinn ) and Biba ( biba79 ) a lot for helping me with stuff. :) You rock.
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Carolina Machado
23 August 2005 @ 01:13 am
Ok, so after a few tests and a lot of work trying to match colors and stuff here, I think I'm good to launch this LJ. I'm not really sure why I even got a LJ, lol, let alone paid for it. Anyways, I was SO bored last night (mondays, you know) that I decided to give it a try (blame it on Kek's). I had a very nice time doing things here since I started though, hope I can keep it up for at least a few months, you know, I have already tried getting into the blog's universe twice and it didn't work that well.

So, hmmm, what else to say? I talked to Stacy on the phone today, a quick call from Miami. She's having a real good time there, I'm glad. :) Oh, at lunch I went to this GREAT japanese place with Rê and Drica, we ate a lot, as usual, had a few beers and sakê. Man, I just looove sushis!!!

Georgia is back from London and we all finally met again last saturday, she's great! She spent a month in India though, so she was a bit off at first, lol, not to mention thiiin! Now it's me who's going to Italy in what? less than 3 months already. I don't even want to start thinking about that for now though, TOO damn early and too damn scary.

Hmm, that's it for now, I'm off to Li's house. :) Bye peeps.

ps: Keks, I have edited the entry so I don't really think your first comment fits anymore. LOL :p
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